Shipment of

Almost 12,000 teddies have been packed up in Herefordshire to be sent to children in war-torn Syria. It is hoped the teddies will be a source of comfort for some of the country’s children.

Ellie Targett, from Leominster started the collection in March, appealing for people to donate their unwanted teddies to the cause. Working with Syria Relief and Development, she hoped to gather 10,000.

But the public stepped up to the mark and almost 12,000 teddies were packed up in 170 boxes in a 40-foot shipping container, donated by KMB Shipping.

Mrs Targett said: “We are just delighted. About six weeks ago we thought ‘Are we going to do this?’ We had been collecting since the middle of March and we weren’t sure if it was going to come off.

“Suddenly there was a huge surge coming in from, not just Herefordshire, but all over the country.”

The container left on Monday the 8th from M & S Aubrey self storage in Kingsland.

They will arrive before Ramadan, when presents are traditionally given. Mrs Targett thanked everybody who helped, including Santander, Hereford Cathedral and county churches and schools.