The Titanic may have been built in Ireland, but shipping goods to and from Ireland doesn’t have to go the same way. Given the UK is Ireland’s biggest export partner, with 40% of Ireland’s fresh produce exported to the UK (Freight Business Journal), and UK imports accounting for 15% of all Irish imports  (Trading Economics), as the final part of our Shipping 101 series we’ve identified some of the obstacles you may encounter when shipping to the Emerald Isle.


Surprisingly true, though you shouldn’t let this put you off trading with our Irish neighbours. To get around this we have multiple booking slots on each voyage, enabling us to gain a bulk discount, which we pass on directly to you the customer to keep your transport costs as low as possible.


This is one of the essential rules of shipping. Not having the correct vehicle can result in delays and increased costs, which as we’ve pointed out above, is the last thing you need. At KMB Shipping we use many different types of trailers from Flatbeds to C/siders and containers to Sliding roof vehicles and many, many more – so you can be confident we’ll have the right vehicle available to match your cargo.

3.            RATE OF EXCHANGE

This is a tricky one as this variable is beyond our control, and changes throughout the day, EVERY DAY! How can we tackle these fluctuations? For the most part KMB actually carry these hits so as not to affect our customers, however when there are major changes (such as when the Brexit referendum results were announced), a lot of our partners have had to increase their transport prices literally overnight. At KMB however, due to the volumes of traffic we move, we managed to negotiate with our partners and agree on sensible increases that only effected a few lanes.


Jamie Warren and Paul Hull are Irish Shipping Directors at KMB Shipping, and offer 40 years of combined experience in delivering their full range of shipping services to over 70 different countries, to a growing international client list. As members of BIFA, they offer a flexible and fully tailored service, managing the whole shipping process for you from initial phone call to safe delivery. Contact their professional, friendly and highly experienced team today to discuss how they can accommodate your shipping requirements.

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