Celebrating 30 years of success in such a competitive industry is a milestone to be proud of, and one which not many freight forwarders can boast about. Joining the company a little over three months ago, having always worked for much larger corporate organisations, I wondered what KMB’s secret to success was. As one of the newest employees, I spoke to some of the other members of the team to hear their thoughts on just why KMB Shipping has stood the test of time and continues to thrive and grow in this uncertain economy…


With a team of just 16, the office is a hive of activity each day. I overhear hundreds of customer interactions, and the one thing that never fails to surprise me is the level of personal investment that each team member has with every customer. Each time the phone is answered I hear the account managers recognise the voice, followed by banter about grandchildren, football and even the local Black Country accent! With literally hundreds of customers, I didn’t think such a personalised service was even possible.

Investment in People

Its rare to come across a company that believes in taking the time to provide professional development, and the management are very proactive in ensuring we all have access to training and development. In the three months since I started I’ve already been on three different training courses, as well as two online training courses. The Directors seem to take the refreshing view that knowledge is power, and if we’re all at the top of our game that will reflect in the performance of the company, and its true.

Export Documentation Specialist Amanda says

“KMB have taken the time over the last 3 year to train me on the ins and outs of export documentation. I came into the company with no previous experience and feel lucky that so much time has been taken in helping me to progress. It’s nice to work for a company where we have such good relationships with our customers as well as the other members of staff. “

Family Environment

The team itself is very dynamic and diverse, but somehow, there’s no office politics or drama. We all just seem to get on, and like a family, everyone just naturally falls into their role within that family, irrespective of whether it’s a Director or employee. There’s the cheeky “siblings”, the wise patriarch and the sensible big brothers.

Accounts team member Charlotte says

“I’ve been at KMB since I was 16 which is over 10 years now, and in that time the company have trained me up in accounts and export documentation. Everyone has been so supportive, like when I had a baby, so they’re like a second family to me. I couldn’t have picked a better company to grow up with!”

Dan, from the European Operations team says

“I enjoy working with all the staff as we’re all on a level playing field including the directors, everyone is treated the same. It’s a good, competitive industry to be involved in that’s forever changing and looking for new ways to improve”

After 3 months in the world of KMB, I can honestly say it the most genuine place I’ve ever worked, and though you might wonder what that says about any of my previous employers(!), its more the omission of the “corporate” feel that I think makes the company so successful. Its professional without being cold and distant, something not many in this industry can claim. One thing is certain, it’s definitely the people that make the company, but whether that’s down to exceptional judgement on behalf of the Directors, or the positive office environment which inspires the employees, in as yet inconclusive.


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