KMB Shipping Response to New UK Export Strategy

Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, today unveiled the UK’s new export strategy, a vision of UK post-Brexit international trade, aiming to reassure both domestic businesses and Europe that the UK is preparing for success and growth after March 2019,

The strategy aims to increase export from 30% to 35% of GDP moving forward, a far more modest objective compared to the 2015 target to double exports to £1tn by 2020. The idea is to achieve this by providing support to businesses to help identify exporting opportunities, helping to build connections with foreign customers, and providing up to £50bn in export finance and insurance.

In his speech, Liam Fox also mentioned a new network of HM Trade Commissioners, building digital services to improve access to export guidance, and a new scheme of Export Champions, business people working in industry who can offer support and advice to exporters.

KMB Shipping Director Jamie Warren welcomes the new, more realistic targets, but added,

“Although the new export strategy offers great support to UK businesses, this alone is not sufficient assurance that UK trade will thrive post-Brexit. The ambiguous and unresolved issues of customs and border controls are a major concern for anyone considering exporting, and until practical solutions to these are clearly defined, planning for future international growth remains extremely difficult. At KMB we help facilitate thousands of exports each year, and we urge the UK government to address the concerns of our customers as soon as possible to enable them to fully prepare for commercial life after Brexit.

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