Keeping Up With the Jones’

Once upon a time, in a corner of an office in the Kingdom of Dudley, a young man named Kevin Jones worked as a freight forwarder for a company named KMB Shipping. He worked long and hard to help businesses throughout the country transport their goods far and wide…but despite his commercial success, Kevin lacked the company of a good woman. Having searched far and wide, spending many a weekend night trawling the local social hotspots, his search for his soul mate remained unsuccessful. This made Kevin sad.

Kevin was dedicated to his work, speaking to an endless number of shipping lines, hauliers and suppliers each day. One day, he called one of his usual suppliers and instead of the gruff deep tone he usually heard at the end of the line, his call was answered by what he could only assume was the voice of an angel… Mesmerised, Kev plucked up the courage to ask the angel’s name… Zoe.

Day after day, Kev and Zoe’s conversations became longer, and Kevin found himself looking forward to these calls, a little smile appearing on his face whenever he thought of his new friend. While Kev had struggled to connect with ladies in the past not understanding his work, Kev had so much more in common with Zoe, they were able to share his greatest passion: shipping. Better still, Zoe appeared to know more about the subject than he did – could this be the perfect woman??

Mustering up the courage, Kev asked Zoe out on a date. Zoe, in her infinite wisdom, agreed, and before they knew it, one date led to five, led to ten.

After 4 years of courting, Kevin realised he couldn’t live without Zoe, and in the most romantic manner on a trip to Paris, proposed.

Nicknamed The Oracle (because lets face it, anything she doesn’t know about shipping simply isn’t worth knowing 😊), Zoe used her expertise to not only keep Kevin in line (!), but also to help take the KMB Worldwide shipping team to new heights.

There were up and downs, but 15 years and two beautiful children later, they are still going strong. Although they have always remained strictly professional in the office, the domestic banter between the couple has been known to appear during down times, providing the team with not only entertainment, but also inspiration. Working with your spouse is not something suited to every marriage, but to maintain a happy and successful relationship both in work and at home, is quite the achievement.

And they lived happily ever after…

The End