My Story

Apprenticeships never really come to mind when wanting to get a job when you’re younger. I guess all you really do is keep applying for normal jobs without thinking about the alternative ways to earn money. Before starting at KMB I was a young person, like many others, who just wanted to find work! I spent the best part of a year trying to find steady employment and it was difficult for me as things just never seemed to go my way. I had few qualifications that I needed to work on and few qualifications that didn’t apply for the jobs I was going for.

Before starting at KMB I was a college student studying towards my customer service level 2 qualification. I knew that I could use this to be able to gain the extra skills I needed, something to boost by CV!

After completing this course, I got myself an interview at KMB, a freight forwarding company who ‘ship cargo to over 70 countries by land, air and sea, ranging from a single parcel up to hundreds of full loads, including bulk haulage’. I had never even known that freight forwarding was a thing until then, so I do what most people who land an interview do and look it up, spending hours on researching what a freight forwarding company do and most importantly what KMB do.

After one interview with the higher department at my college for the position, which gave me a bigger picture of what I was heading for, they explained everything and how to improve my interview techniques and that’s when they put me forward for an interview with KMB themselves.

The day of the interview I knew it was the day that I had to do the best I could, and after months of struggling, I finally had the opportunity to show my skills and why they should take me on as their apprentice. They welcomed me as soon as I arrived, and I knew I’d like it here.

After days of waiting to hear from them, the apprentice team at my college finally called to tell me that I had the place if I still wanted it, and of course I took the opportunity. It finally seems things are going well for me!

So, nearly 4 months after starting at KMB shipping, I am really enjoying my time here! I work in the European department with Jamie, Dan, Scott, Lee and, most of the time, Sophia. They always have a great sense of humour and enthusiasm about everything and I am so thankful for them making me feel like a part of their team.
From being welcomed on my first day to now doing more complex things, such as doing quotations, sending emails, sorting out POD’s (proof of delivery) and making sure I can help in any way possible. I guess note taking was a good first step for me. I feel like I have brought a lot to the team, not only humour but my confidence and hardworking skills as well. I have the help from the team that I need in order to complete any apprenticeship assignments that are related to the company. Any questions I have they are happy to answer.

KMB are very supportive, they come together as one big family and there is always someone to talk to. Although I still needed to take my maths GCSE exams they still supported me through that and gave me days out where I could either go and revise or go and take a day at my college to revise…I’m still waiting on those results but I’m still hoping on positive results.

Once every 4 weeks I get a visit from my apprenticeship coordinator who goes through my progress and gives me extra work to do which I am able to do whenever I have any free time on the job. They allow me to get to know even more about the company and my colleagues allow me the chance to finish my work on a Friday, which they call ‘My learning day’.

There is never a dull moment at KMB, even when things might go slightly wrong, there is still a huge amount of positivity which brings light to the whole company. I have never known a company to come together so tightly although you will never see a more distressed moment in the office when no one can decide what to have for dinner on our dress down, fat Fridays!

Being an apprentice has allowed me to have a hands-on experience in the world of work. It has given me the chance to build up more skills and knowledge about the sorts of tasks undertaken in employment. This is a confidence booster for me. With KMB taking on an apprenticeship, they bring in people who are fresh minded, positive and motivated. For a business this is a great option for training and recruitment, they help to boost skills and can be flexible to the business needs, giving young minded people the opportunity on their chosen career path.

After progressing so much here at KMB so far and having all the positive feedback from fellow colleagues, I would love to have this as a proper job, full time once I finish my apprenticeship. And I can happily say that I couldn’t ask for a better place to do my apprenticeship at.