KMB Shipping Guarantees a Safe, Stress-Free and Prompt Arrival of Goods


At KMB Shipping we have an extensive network of specialist vehicles and trusted network partners at our disposal meaning we can guarantee a safe, stress-free and prompt arrival of all shipments nationally and internationally. Whether you require a Trombone Trailer, Flatbed or Low-Loader, our team can provide a range of options to suit your needs.

One of the most effective ways to ensure stress-free, smooth movement is by partnering with an experienced logistics company, with a proven track record – that’s us!

When it comes to moving oversized or heavy consignment’s, safety is at the top of our priority list. Safe movements can only be achieved by planning a clear strategy, with perfect execution.


Providing a fully flexible logistics solution we can handle transporting oversized shipments that require more specialized handling. We provide double drop trombone trailers and step deck trailers that can be used for high or oversized shipping requirements as well as specially designed portable loading ramps that allows us to ship wheeled vehicles.

Our experienced team knows the critical requirements for safe and secure transportation. When it’s oversized, our team of experts are ready to map out the route and provide the required permits to move your shipment safely and on time.


Double Drop Trombone Trailers


Step Deck Trombone Trailers


Hiboy Trombone Trailers


We provide a complete haulage service across both the UK and Internationally. With an experienced team on hand, we are capable of shipping a variety of goods, giving you the very best level of customer care.

Allowing for smooth unloading and loading our Flatbed options makes KMB Shipping Group very flexible, and easily able to adapt to your needs. We can provide the perfect solution for the haulage of farming equipment and heavy goods or machinery. Our Flatbeds are also a great option when you need to load or unload your goods using a crane, or where you have limited access.


Low-loaders provide flexibility for all your abnormal sized loads. Our low-loaders are fully equipped for carrying loads which are both heavier and taller than average, ensuring that a range of equipment and machinery can be transported safely and legally.

Low loaders come in a number of configurations and some vehicles can be extended to accommodate especially long loads.


Our technical expertise, secure handling and first-class knowledge means you can move all of your goods safely and efficiently. For further information call us on 0121 557 3352.