Case Study

Soft Fruit Haulage


Our client is a soft fruit and growing system business that has been trading since 1988, they provide polytunnel structures for soft fruit growers all around the world having exported to over 65 countries.

Our internal team at KMB deal directly with the Export and Logistics Manager and manage the logistics model, they also work with logistics coordinators.

The key factor for our client was communication, and have commented that we stand out against others, as our team is not shy with updates, notifications, any other information required or requested, our client advises we have become a reliable, trusted partner, as it important for them to know that we will do all we can to fulfil our clients requirements.

KMB work directly with the Export and Logistics Manager, who manages the transport budget and is always looking for the best service with an excellent price and KMB offer this, overall they want to ensure they have 100% customer satisfaction and has advised on numerous occasions that the KMB team help them to achieve this over the 6 years we have been working together.

Client Testimonial

“We feel confident that KMB will do their upmost to accommodate our customer’s needs, this is something we look for in a haulier.”

“As a business we are focused on communication with our customers, KMB give us an opportunity to stay in touch with our customers after the goods are despatched. We are passing the information KMB provides to our Customer Services and they have an opportunity to talk to the customers . This helps in a long run to build and sustain relationships.”

“Communication is great, we are always informed of any delays, and receive regular updates on all our bookings, we would 100% recommend KMB and their services from our experience working together with them”