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With over 35 years of experience in freight forwarding, our unwavering commitment has been to facilitate the seamless movement of goods across borders – especially pre-holiday international shipping requirements! Amidst the myriad factors influencing cargo efficiency, one often underestimated element that impacts the industry is national holidays.

Each nation observes its unique set of national holidays, each celebrated in distinct ways, posing potential challenges for exporters and importers who might find their cargo entangled in non-working holidays.

In our insights piece below, we delve into the multifaceted ways in which national holidays affect cargo movement and how we can help you to navigate these holiday-related challenges:

Always Consider Customs and Border Delays When Placing/Sending Orders:

National holidays frequently prompt the closure of government offices, including customs and border control. This closure leads to delays in customs clearance and inspections, resulting in goods being held up at ports and border crossings until work resumes. To preempt these delays, we advise and can help with, planning shipments well in advance, ensuring that crucial documentation is submitted and processed before the holiday season commences, thus maintaining the flow of operations.

Remember That Route Disruption Can Always Occur:

Certain national holidays, akin to UK bank holidays, may involve business closures, while others may feature larger events, such as parades, leading to road closures and disrupting transport networks. This logistical challenge, including increased rates and delayed transit due to longer routes, is addressed by freight forwarders like us here at KMB, who strategically plan routes and, if necessary, opt for alternative modes of transport to circumvent closures.

Employee Holidays Happen Too – Making Things Grind To A Halt!

During national holidays, employees across various industries take time off, resulting in team member shortages for some businesses. Conversely, businesses that continue operations during these times may incur additional costs, Over the Christmas period here at KMB we always have a team in place to ensure nothing stops moving!

Navigating the challenges presented by national holidays in the realm of freight forwarding is no small feat. With extensive experience and meticulous planning, the dedicated and experienced team here at KMB, ensure the continual flow of supply chains, allowing you to focus on other priorities within your business, whilst you can be confident your pre-holiday international shipping requirements are being handled.

If you need global logistics services, we have proudly developed a reputation for professional, efficient and friendly shipping services. From first contact to delivery, our dedicated account handlers provide a seamless experience for all our customers.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how we can support you with your shipping needs 0121 557 3352 or email info@kmbshipping.co.uk.