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At KMB Shipping Group we offer Skills For Life, with our Apprentices learning valuable skills within all Departments of our Business. In light of National Apprenticeship Week, we decided we would dedicate this month to our newest Apprentice, Grace Bailey.


My name is Grace Bailey and I am working as a Customer Service Apprentice at KMB Shipping Group. I joined the company in July 2022. This is my first full-time employment however, I have walked away from school with excellent experience from unpaid work experiences. After I finished school, I then went to sixth form for two years completing all of my courses to the best of my ability. I know getting this Apprenticeship with KMB Shipping Group will support me with my personal growth and expand my knowledge, not only in Logistics but in the working world. Learning all of the new software has been my biggest challenge at KMB Shipping Group but, with ongoing support from the team I am getting there and know I will soon be confident enough to use all the software independently.

If I had a superpower it would definitely to be able to make money, I’d be rich then and wouldn’t have to worry! For a karaoke night I would sing Breaking Free from High School Musical and if KMB Shipping Group were to have a fancy dress party I would go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

At KMB Shipping Group we supply a comprehensive range of fast, reliable and cost-effective services. Get In Touch and then you’ll see why I love working at KMB Shipping Group.