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Often, people assume that International Freight Forwarding services are only suitable for large companies. However, shipping services can also benefit Small Businesses.

No matter what size your Business is, if you ship internationally, a Freight Forwarding company could help you with our day-to-day Logistics.


What Is A Freight Forwarder?


Freight Forwarding companies act as an intermediary between an Importer or Exporter and a shipping company. They assist with shipping goods, taking care of all the organisation to make the process easier for Importers and Exporters.


Ways Air Freight & Sea Freight Services Can Benefit Small Businesses


As a Small Business, you may have different needs to larger companies. However, Freight Forwarders can offer several benefits to help you grow your international offering.


They’ll Save You Time


Running a Small Business usually involves spinning a lot of plates. If you find you don’t have time to manage Haulage, Air Freight, and Sea Freight — along with everything else — a Freight Forwarding company will be able to take those jobs off your hands.


They Can Streamline Your Shipping Process


Without a Freight Forwarder, you may need to liaise with several people or shipping companies. This can not only be time-consuming but can also cause confusion, especially if your Business is relatively new to the international market. If you work with a Freight Forwarder, you’ll only need to speak to one person to organise your shipments.


Freight Forwarders Can Help You With Paperwork


Dealing with lots of haulage or shipping companies also comes with a lot of documentation. Often, Small Businesses don’t have the time or resources too sort all the paperwork out alongside managing other aspects of the company. As experts in the industry, Freight Forwarding companies can help you complete and organise the necessary paperwork.


They Can Negotiate Shipping Costs


Because of their connections with service providers around the world, a Freight Forwarder may be able to help you get better shipping or storage rates. Bringing your overall costs down can be extremely beneficial for Small Businesses.


Open Communication

Freight Forwarding companies work closely with Clients and aim to understand each one’s individual needs. When working with several different shipping companies or service providers, you may find that information gets lost or that communication can be challenging. Freight Forwarders, however, have a more customer-facing role and ensure direct, open communication. You can get in touch to ask any questions and they’ll be happy to help.


They Can Provide You With Peace Of Mind


Another advantage of working with a Freight Forwarder is reassurance and peace of mind. You can relax, knowing that your warehousing and shipping is under control and being handled by professionals. What’s more, if anything does go wrong, you’ll be able to access advice and support. In the event of a loss or problem, a Freight Forwarding company can also assist you in submitting an insurance claim. 

Want to learn more about Freight Forwarding? Read our Tips For Choosing The Right Freight Forwarder.


Worldwide Shipping & Freight Services From KMB Shipping Group


Whether you’re just starting out or you want to improve the efficiency of your global services, we can provide you with reliable International Freight Forwarding. Our extensive experience in international shipping — both via Air Freight and Sea Freight — puts us in an excellent position to help Small Businesses expand globally. 

From Container Loading and Freight Consolidation to Customs Clearance and Certificates Of Origin, we can ensure your Consignments are shipped quickly, efficiently and affordably. For more information and to discuss your International Shipping requirements, get in touch with KMB Shipping Group today.