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Find out more about The Northern Ireland Protocol, otherwise dubbed at “The Windsor Framework” with KMB Shipping Group.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen have announced a new deal, aimed at fixing post-Brexit problems in Northern Ireland.

This Protocol is part of the Brexit deal which sets Northern Ireland’s Trade Rules. This keeps Northern Ireland inside the EU’s Single Market for Goods and keeps the Irish land border open but means products arriving into Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK are subject to checks and controls.

The EU has strict rules for some items on non-EU trade however the new deal should reduce the frictions on Great Britain-to-Northern Ireland Trade. This special agreement was to keep a level of continuity in trade and to uphold and protect The Good Friday Agreement.

The Northern Ireland Protocol changes will have an on effect on:

  • Food Products Entering The Single Market
  • Online Shopping
  • Movement on Medicines
  • Movement of Plants/Seeds
  • VAT & Alcohol Duties


At the heart of The Northern Ireland Protocol is the concept of Green Lanes, Red Lanes. How this will work is, British Goods which are staying in Northern Ireland will use the Green Lane at Northern Ireland Ports and Goods which are due to travel into Republic Of Ireland will use the Red Lane.

If the Goods are staying in Northern Ireland they will face minimal paperwork and no routine physical checks compared with Goods that are travelling into Ireland; these will face Customs processes and other checks at Northern Ireland Ports.

This is comparatively different to the current way in which Goods are checked at ports in Northern Ireland on arrival, regardless of if they are destined for Northern Ireland or Republic Of Ireland, then moved to their final destination.

It’s important to note that to use the Green Lane, Businesses will need to register as a ‘Trusted Trader’ under the new United Kingdom Internal Market Scheme (UKIMS). All UK-based Traders are eligible to apply with HMRC and will need to provide details of any Goods they move.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, UK VAT rules will apply to Northern Ireland. These UK VAT rules will apply for Alcoholic Drinks and Goods such as Heat Pumps however EU VAT rules will still apply for other items – with less restrictions on the movement of Goods such as Food Produce, we would hope to see an uptick on the Food Freight Movement.

Since our Irish Shipping Department was launched in 1987, we have continuously built upon our services into Northern and Southern Ireland.

We are Irish Hauliers and offer Irish Groupage and Part Loads and Full Loads for Businesses who require Shipping of a certain quantity of Goods; we will continue to keep you updated with the latest information on The Northern Ireland Protocol.

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