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National Stress Awareness Day is on Thursday 2nd November 2023, with the intention of highlighting the ways in which stress affects people.

It’s also to educate people of what can be done to manage stress levels before they escalate into something more serious. Stress is no small matter, and being aware of triggers and solutions can be really useful.

It’s only fitting, therefore, that on National Stress Awareness Day we share some ways that here at KMB Shipping, we support our team and help ensure that all individuals are able to work both productively and with a good level of mental well-being.

1. Encourage open communication and support: creating a culture where employees feel comfortable communicating openly about their feelings and experiences is crucial to reducing workplace stress.

2. Provide access to mental health resources and support services: we support our team by providing them all with full private health insurance, delivered by Vitality, which covers mental health support.

3. Promote a healthy work environment: creating a healthy day-to-day work environment can have a positive impact on our employees’ mental and physical health, we ensure our office space is always clean and tidy, well light with natural light and we have an office dog who loves to cuddle!

4. Regular team building days and activities: Low stress team building activities are one of the most effective ways to tackle workplace stress. We do this to help build comradery, give our employees a break and improve communication.

Thank you for reading through the ways we prioritise our employees’ well-being here at KMB Shipping. Stress management is a fundamental part of our commitment to creating a thriving workplace, and we’re proud to share our insights with you – we hope they’ve inspired you!