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Here at KMB we are pleased to announce that, yet another apprentice has gone on to take a full time role, this time on the European Team.

We welcomed Grace as an apprentice in July 2022, her parents have always worked in transport and so this made a natural fit for her coming into KMB.

Straight away, we saw the potential, as she was very eager to learn.

Amber took Grace under her wing and started to teach her all about the way KMB operate, our internal systems and especially on customs.

With so much to take in, it was great to see Grace taking lots of notes to be able to refer too and even after a week she had picked up so much – a testament to both Grace’s ability to learn and also to Amber for having such a way with teaching.

Grace soon started to get involved with other things, import clearances, dealing with hauliers for quote requests and quoting out to customers. She really enjoyed liaising with clients and saw her hunger to learn more about the rest of what the European department do, so within 6 months of her arrival, Grace was learning how the operations side worked.

We are pleased to see Grace is now a great all-rounder and a vital part of the European Team now and we’re so pleased to have her join KMB as a fully fledged member of the KMB family and we’re excited to see her career prosper as she learns and grows more.

Hiring apprentices is a productive and effective way for us to grow our own talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce, we adapt their training according to the needs of our business, and they’re always motivated to learn new skills.

Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship, Grace, and we look forward to having you at KMB for many years to come.